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How does one close $300+ million in residential real estate transactions in the Pikes Peak region? Referral Based?  Yes. Creative Marketing?  Yes.  Develop deep roots with client relationships? Yes. Easy-peasy? No. Hard work? Yes.


When an unconventional approach meets the world at large transformation happens.


Meet Cherise Selley. She places more value on YOU than any home. Every. Single. Time. She will advocate on your behalf as if you were family (blood, not distant cousin). Without fail. Every. Single. Time.

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Happy clients = Happy Cherise 


Ordinary and normal are not in Cherise’s vocabulary. How can she get to know YOU better? How can she understand YOUR needs more? What’s happening in YOUR ever-changing market? How can her voice advocate YOUR best interest? It’s all about YOU.


Cherise aims to cultivate a relationship with YOU where trust and understanding reign and enjoying the journey is as important as the end goal.

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