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Colorado Springs Realtor-Cherise Selley-Selley Group Real Estate

We are proud to be a Broker-Owned Boutique Brokerage (that’s fancy for independent, small and flexible). The hallmark of our boutique firm is a focus on quality over quantity. We offer choices, customization, and knowledge to our clients from a team of vetted professionals.  


We have served over 1,000 families, as a group, since our beginning in 2009. We believe every client has a story and every home has a legacy. We provide top-notch marketing and service to YOU, our client.  


We are set apart by the personal connections made with the people we serve. 

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Browse through our featured listings and learn more about the brokerage!

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Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, believes in helping to find the best home for you and your family, or guiding you through the selling process.  We believe the most important variable in the transacation is YOU. 


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