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"Don’t call attention to yourself; let others do that for you".

Proverbs 27:2 (MSG)



Colorado Springs Realtor-Quality Service Certified-Real Estate

QSC Client Reviews

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Zillow Client Reviews

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"My wife and I can't say enough about Cherise and her team. We worked with her on three transactions as both a buyer's and seller's agent, and her skill at both was outstanding. She made what can be a very stressful situation very manageable and was always available for us, a testament to her work ethic. But one of Cherise's most important attributes is her incomparable integrity and commitment to do what is right. I have not hesitated at all to recommend her to friends who, in turn, had very favorable experiences in their dealings with Cherise and team."  
-- Gabriel Basualdo

"Cherise, there aren't enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude for everything you did for us. Today, we are still amazed and in shock that you not only sold our house in less than a month but found us a new home in a neighborhood that we only dreamed of living in a few years ago. Thanks for giving us our dream!! We are better people for having worked with you."  
-- Love, Scott, Ann, and Emily Wilson

"Candy and I love Cherise! She is absolutely the best realtor we have worked with. Being a Christian, we usually prefer to work with other Christians, but sometimes those people can be the worst. If you are a Christian, you probably know what I mean. As a ministry leader it is refreshing and, I'm sad to say - rare - to find someone who actually walks the talk as a Christian business person. Cherise Selley is quite simply "Jesus in the flesh to her clients!" She bent over backwards for us to make sure we got the best deal on the best house! Not only that - we felt totally blessed and covered in prayer by her husband Gordon, the entire time! I personaly and professionally recommend Cherise Selley - without reservation!"  
-- Greg Outlaw, Volunteer President & CEO,

"Cherise is the most trustworthy, knowledgeable real estate professional I've ever known. Her unique combination of expertise and genuine caring made my relocation and home purchase a absolute pleasure. Cherise has been there for me over the years to answer my real estate questions, and checks in with me regularly just to see how my family and I are doing. I recommend Cherise wholeheartedly."   
-- Kathleen Samuelson

"Working with Cherise was a great experience, she’s friendly, professional, and has a great attitude. Of the six real estate transactions I’ve been involved with, Cherise stands out as the best. I would recommend her (and do) without hesitation to anyone in need of a realtor for the Colorado Springs metro area."   
-- Michael Hayes

"The Selley Team, I will have you know that one of the greatest breakthroughs the Lord gave to me in my few years of living in Colorado Springs is coming in contact with your blessed practice. Not only are you professional, you are also passionate in pursuing the cause of your clients, which virtue is scarce in the market place today. This very feature makes you the best of them all. God will continue to bless you all. We are forever yours."  -- Pastor Michael Lipede

"Buying our first house out of state presented a lot of unknowns for my family, and having Cherise as our guide and advocate proved to be invaluable. Cherise was able to quickly assess what type of home we were looking for, and her knowledge of the area allowed us to rely heavily upon her recommendations. Most of all, we knew that Cherise was praying for us all along, and relying upon God's direction for one of the most important decisions of our lives."  

--Katherine and Zac Gorrell

"I have seen her work with people in very difficult circumstances and she always has the grace and patience to counsel them through everything. She truly cares about the people and not just getting a commission."  --Linda Lahman

"I unequivocally recommend Cherise to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home. Her only objective is to meet the clients' needs and desires to the best of her ability, and often at a great personal expense. She is the only real estate agent that I have ever recommended."  --Max F. Baumgartner Captain, USN Retired

"I found a home way out East that I wanted to buy. I put a full price offer on the home. Cherise smelled a rat and did some checking. She discovered that a large-out building on the property had no building permits…She also counseled us on the location of the property which made us realize it was not the wisest decision for our family…She negotiated a contract that not only got us the best value, but protected us from any hidden or unknown issues that would arise in the future."  

--Gary Brooks

"When moving our ministry from California to Colorado, we felt so blessed to have Cherise Selley and her team assist us during the transition. Not only did Cherise offer first-class competency in her real estate knowledge and skills, but she truly bent backwards in service and love toward each member of our ministry team. All of the families were placed on wonderful homes and were shown the grace of God through the efforts provided by Cherise and her husband. Even unto this day, the Selley family is considered one of our most devoted and strongest financial supporters of the ministry. Praise God who provides the faithfulness."  

--Greg Outlaw, All About God Ministries, Inc.

"Your attention to detail, care, and concern not only aided in reducing our stress, but made the entire process enjoyable…Your committed, personalized service is a vital asset to military members and their families."  

--Carl A. Ivey III, TSgt, USAF

"My wife and I have owned three homes in our 29 years of marriage. We've come across may different real estate agents who were good at what they did, but when it comes to Cherise Selley, we were blessed to find one of the most dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable individuals we ever found…Doing real estate transactions when you live 1,200 miles away in another state can be even more difficult. But with Cherise, her wonderful office staff, and a phone and fax machine, it all got done with excellence that comes from one very experienced professional."  --Brian and Lynn Sherman

"I am learning a new lesson each day. Be proud of your faith and I pray that you continue to work for God in what you do. You have helped Megan and I in more ways then you know, and you found us a lovely home too."  --Dustin Comes

"Cherise was in contact with us every day of the process from offer to closing, advising of what was happening. We never had to worry…Cherise restored our faith in Realtors. Prior to meeting her, we had some negative experiences with Realtors in California. Cherise really models the level of professionalism that this occupation is all about."  

--Argis and Pat Hulsey, Harvestime International Network

"It is a rare person who can take care of hearts while also taking care of business. Cherise, thank you for everything, you are truly one in a million."  

--Elizabeth Murtha

"Having relocated my family to Colorado Springs from the west coast in 2002, I have first hand knowledge of the stress involved with such a life changing transition. Of the many decisions that have to be made during this process, I can absolutely say that having Cherise Selley and her team represent me for the purchase of my home was the best decision I could have made…In the past four years, I have had the privilege of working with Cherise on a professional level. During this time, I have witnessed Cherise serve over 100 clients, and she continues to treat each one as if they are the only client with which she is working. She is not only a professional, she is also one of the few people I have ever known that will take a deep personal interest in the lives of her clients."  

--Mike Gordon, First Community Mortgage

"What could have been a stressful time (buying a house), you made it most enjoyable. You truly make it a blessing."
--Charlotte Coniglio

"Since the time that ya'll at Heritage got our house sold and found a new one for us, Karry and I have both heard many horror stories. We are certainly thankful for the hard work that ya'll put in and the ease with which our selling/buying process took place."  --Jed Lacy



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